Stone Cleaning

Lichens, Algae and Moss can cause a great deal of damage to any stone surface and be very costly to resolve.

Understanding why your stone surface has become covered in organic material  is needed to understand the preventative measures needed to be implemented.  Any stone surface needs love, attention and expert care, which Johnston Granite and Marble is able to provide with over 30 years in the industry.

When we have identified the type of stone surface such as as Granite, Lime stone, Sand stone, etc. Johnston Granite and Stone will be able to recommend the most suitable method to remove the containments that need to be removed  from the surface in order to return your stone surface to its original former glory.

Methods we often use for stone cleaning include;

    • Doff Steam cleaning;
    • Pressure washing;
    • Poultice Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning

Johnston Granite and Stone can clean all types of stone on;

    • Offices
    • Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Schools,
    • Apartments
    • Houses,
    • Hotels
    • Government buildings
  • Museums